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Ephraim Yeboah!

Based out of London, Ephraim Yeboah is a fashion house that offers stylish sweatshirts and tees for you and him. For their latest collection “Tree Life” the band teamed up with up and coming British photographer Ester Keate. We love… Continue reading

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LADYHOOD is a Paris based brand with this self-described “African Vintage Spirit” we fell for. For more info on the brand and shop the SS15 collection go here.  

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Sophie Zinga’s Boudoir

Following the opening of her boutique in Dakar, designer Sophie Zinga stopped by New-York Fashion Week to present her Spring Summer 2014 collection, “Roses and leaves”. The collection inspired by ornate delicacy and velvet texture of rose is as refreshing… Continue reading

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Selly Raby Kane


A few weeks ago, we wrote about Srk a refreshing brand from Senegal and to start the year on a high note we sat down with Selly Raby Kane, the talented lady behind the brand.

Tell us a little about yourself, who is Selly Raby Kane?

I am a Senegalese fashion designer. I’ve been designing clothes for four years, and I now live in Dakar. I’m a graduate from Mod’Spe Paris and I love creating fun, easy, cartoonish-like and colourful pieces.

What is the concept behind your brand Seraka by Srk ?

Well Seraka is a way to be elegant, cool and stand-out by mixing textiles and styles. It’s like an invitation to explore genres beyond trends and to be able to offer an alternative perspective of fashion. As I like to say, fashion should be cool and fun; that is the definition of the clothes I like to wear and, consciously or not, of those that I design.

Growing up, what did you want to be?

I first wanted to be a designer, and then a journalist – I was a teen reporter for Plan International; then I wanted to be a lawyer. I came back to fashion when I realized that the first route I had taken was the one I really wanted to follow.

 Who are some of your major influences?

I would say men and women of my family. And in terms of designers, Manish Arora would be the first name right off the top of my head, then Jeremy Scott , Junya Watanabe as well as many others.

 What / who inspires you?

Music, Dakar’s art scene, people I meet, my friends…
Inspiration is kind of mystic. In my case it comes from a feeling, a mood, a person and from there a sequence of ideas that will lead to a garment. It can be compared to a butterfly effect, a smile could give birth to the most beautiful piece, the most successful one in a collection.

What’s playing on your IPod these days?

Well I’m a unconditional fan of A Tribe Called Quest, so definitely a lot of it. I’ve also been listening to Across The Imaginary Divide by Bela Fleck & Marcus Roberts which is probably the most beautiful fusion project I’ve ever heard,  some Australian rock through a band named Tame Impala, Deerhunter, Daara J… Honestly I listen to music from everywhere, every type of band. I just love beautiful things and experimental projects.

What’s next for you?

The Srk concept store opening  and my next fashion show in Dakar,  and a private sale in New York in the Spring. I’m also working on an srk e-shop.

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