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Brazilian Hipanema Bonnie Bracelet

Ohhh.., just added to the top of our wishlist of things we want this 2016, just because: the Hipanema Bonnie Bracelet. The setting: Rio, Brazil. Followed by a chance meetup of two Parisian girls. Take your legendary Copacabana bracelet and remix… Continue reading

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Roar Accessories & Jewellery

Let me hear you Roar… Designed to make you feel beautiful and rock your individual look while maitaining a swoon-worthy style. Australian based, European made, Roar Accessories & Jewellery are handcrafted dainty beauties that ship internationally.

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MAWI London: Jewellery & Accessories

If you’re really out to impress, step out in vintage-glam and cutting-edge statement pieces from Mawi London: Jewellery & Accessories. It’s jewels that are fresh. They shout ‘I AM the party.’ This luxury fashion jewellery & accessories brand, led by Creative Director… Continue reading

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Sac du Jour: Moyna Handbags

Think of the classic handbag. Now imagine it made remade with some luxurious fabric and finished with a chic beads and textured embroidered patterns. Enter Moyna Singh’s, handcrafted handbags and scarves embroidered by skilled artisans in India. Beaded or embroidered,… Continue reading

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AAKS: Handcrafted Handbags

A A K S was founded by Akosua Afriyie-Kumi with two main intentions: to introduce the world to Ghanian weaving techniques; create and ignite sustainable jobs within Africa. The handwriting that underpins all of A A K S bold and bright bags, is quality design,… Continue reading

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Happy Tiff: Colourful Clutches

Fake it ’til you make it with these colourful and happy clutches. Happy Tiff, aptly named after Tiff Manuell, creates totes, handbag, colourful clutches and accessories that brings a little sunshine into your life. Paired with a simple outfit, you… Continue reading

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Jekkah: African Inspired Streetwear

Jekkah [je-kka], from the Wolof language, meaning to be beautiful or elegant, to be well-dressed. London, as with any major city, is ever-changing. Whenever I have new visitors in town, I love to re-explore old neigbourhoods. On one such jaunt, in Camden… Continue reading

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L’Afshar: Bug and Marble Clutches

A place on my bucket list of travel destination has to be Dubai. As with any trip, when there I hope to sightsee, possibly a hatta safari; visit a beach, preferably one on Palm Island and shop for a cute, atypical… Continue reading

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See Eyewear

We’re into most things well crafted and well designed. And if you’re like us, you appreciate forward thinking. That’s why we like See. Known for their meticulously crafted, enviable fine eyewear See epitomes ‘innovation meets style’ Randal and Richard Golden… Continue reading

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For The Host

                                      Based in Washington, DC For the Host  is an Etsy shop that offers budget-friendly handmade accessories for the kitchen.The juxtaposition of… Continue reading

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Nur-E Farhana Rahman (Knotty Gal)


We are truly fond of Knotty Gal! Launched last Spring by mother-daughter duo Nur-E Gulshan Rahman and Nur-E Farhana Rahman, this sustainable line of hand-made accessories aims at promoting education amongst young girls in Bangladesh. We recently had a little chat with co-founder Nur-E Farhana Rahman and it went a little something like this…

Tell us a little about yourself, who is Nur-E Farhana Rahman?
I’m the co-founder of Knotty Gal, an accessories business that benefits education for girls in Bangladesh! I was raised by New Jersey, schooled by Washington, DC, and inspired by Bangladesh, but I keep coming back to my true love, New York! In my past life, I was a government contractor and then a consultant, but I left that all behind to follow my dream and start Knotty Gal!

















What is the concept behind your brand Knotty Gal?
Less than a year ago, my mother and I founded Knotty Gal, which produces knotted, handmade necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. My mother and I design the pieces, and she makes them all by hand! We donate a portion of all proceeds to benefit the Bhandari Girls’ School in Bogra, Bangladesh, which my great-grandfather founded back in the 1960’s. The school is located in an impoverished area, and the administration doesn’t want to turn anyone way because of inability to pay, so the student body has swollen to over 1,000 girls! There simply aren’t adequate resources to properly accommodate everyone, so my mother and I decided to start Knotty Gal and help raise funds, and the rest is history!

Growing up, what did you want to be?
When I was younger, I thought for sure I would grow up to become a fashion designer! I had notepads filled with sketches of all my “designs”, and I would fiddle around on my mother’s sewing machine. I still remember I made this awful denim skirt one time, and I thought it was just the coolest thing ever! As I got older, though, I got more interested in international development, so instead of going to FIT or Parsons like I had always thought I would, I decided to go to Georgetown and be in DC instead. Very different path, but it was an incredible one and ultimately, it was that combination of creative desire and passion for international development that lead me to Knotty Gal!

How would you define your personal style? What’s your philosophy or motto?
My personal style is more simple and classic, but always with an unexpected and fun twist. I think that’s why I love accessories so much, especially ours, because they are- in my eyes- all statement pieces. To me, it’s so much fun to wear something like a classic LBD and then pair with a bold necklace, maybe in a bright color, to make what is chic and sophisticated also very modern and fun. That’s just what works for me. At the end of the day, though, fashion always has been and always will be about having fun, and that’s my personal philosophy. If you like it and it makes you feel good, and you’re having fun in it, then wear it!

What / who inspires you?
Wow, that’s a difficult one to answer! For me, inspiration comes in all forms, but when it comes to personal inspiration, I’d have to say the two defining forces in my life would have to be my mother and sister. To me, they are the epitome of strength, and they’ve taught me so much. It is because of them that I am who I am today! As per creative inspiration, that comes undoubtedly from my travels. I’ve been so blessed to be able to see some incredible places, and food, culture, colors, prints, and people all inspire me. Whether it’s Petra or Port-Au-Prince, there’s something I always take away from each place I visit!

What are your biggest accomplishments or proudest moments?
Prior to launching Knotty Gal, I started an online fundraising campaign to raise money for a new computer lab for the Bhandari Girls’ School in Bangladesh. We raised $2500, which was enough to buy ten brand new desktop computers. That was huge for me because it showed that you don’t need tens of thousands of dollars to be able to make a difference, and that a small amount can go a long way. I’ll never forget the feeling of surpassing our target or the feeling of hearing that for many of the girls, it was the first time they had ever even laid eyes on a computer. It was a pivotal moment because it just further fueled my desire to launch something like Knotty Gal.










What’s playing on your IPod these days?
Oh, it’s a random mix! Recently I’ve been listening to Lorde’s “Pure Heroine”, Drake’s “Nothing Was the Same”, and Justin Timberlake’s “20/20 Experience- Pt. II.” My brother took me to see Pearl Jam recently, so I’ve also been listening to the whole “Ten” album on repeat!

What was the last book you read?
I’m actually reading Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead right now! I am definitely late to the game on starting it, but I think Sheryl Sandberg is basically Super Woman, and I’ve read about a million different reviews of the book, so I’m excited to finish it. Next up on the list, though, is something a little bit more lighthearted- definitely Mindy Kaling’s “Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me?” I love Mindy!

What’s next for you and Knotty Gal?
The dream has always been to build something that can make a positive, lasting impact for women and girls. To me, that means not just giving money like we do now by donating a portion of all proceeds, but also creating opportunities for communities to help themselves. My mother currently makes all of our pieces by hand, but the dream is to be able to employ local women artisans in Bangladesh and not just provide them with jobs, but also with leadership training, financial literacy, etc. The ultimate goal is to empower women and girls in a sustainable way that engages the local community and transforms lives for the better. That’s the next step for us!


Summer Time POP-UP!

We teamed-up with some über talented ladies for our very first Pop-Up shop at Espace Pop on July 5 & 6. If you’re in town, swing by!

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For the Knotty Gal

While browsing the interwebs, we stumbled upon these colorful pieces from Knotty Gal and we were immediately smitten. Knotty Gal specializes in “handmade accessories for a cause” (a portion of all proceeds  goes to the Bhandari Girls’ School in Bangladesh).… Continue reading

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