Little Miss X

MISSX_TSBonjour, my name is Little Miss X and welcome to my world!

I was born and raised somewhere over the rainbow. Birdie, my bff, says that I am passionate and cool and also sweetly sings my motto, “everything is possible!”

Inspiration, design, photography, finding petit tresors and style hunting are some of my passions. So wherever I am you can find me with my camera and a notebook. I also love all things sparkly, colourful, unique and collectibles. I like to write about all that catches my eyes, my ears — my senses. And I have a special thing for designer collaborations (think Liberty x Nike, H&M x Comme des Garçons).

I am very curious, playful and like to mix and match. As I’m the kind of girl who wears her heart on her sleeve, it makes sense that I dress according to my mood. As you can see I am currently wearing one of my signature colour combinations, purple and pink with my favourite pattern — polkadots. Some days, I must admit, I make unusual choices, but hey, I expect some of my more offbeat selections will become fashion one day? If you want to probe into my blog, there are posts relating to when I’m joyful. and also there videos I’ve found when feeling curious.

Think of this as my visual narrative. You are welcome to join me as I would love to share with you more than a few of my favourite things. See my posts, here. All that you will see and read about here is written by me, but of course Tam+Sam approve of it all.

x bisous x

PS: If you’re looking for me, you can find me rocking a frock, a pair of keds and my favourite specs.  it works rather well, don’t you agree?

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