Notre Histoire


Act 1, Scene 1: Sweet Beginnings
Ext. Street – Evening

T :  I like blogging and design. I wish I had a blog.                 

S :  Me too… maybe we should do it together.

T :  I know, we always say that, but what would it be called.    

S :  Ummmm… our shortened names… tamsam?   

T :  But… I don’t like my name like that. Tam *sighs*

S :  It is what it is.

And so our journey began…


Sam lives in New York and Tam lives in London. We are both living what we use to only dream! We met almost a decade ago and later decided to create our blog  a treasure trove of our personal preferences and pastiche of creative delights.


SAMANTHA A lover and crafter of images and words, I find inspiration in all that I see, read and hear. When I am not working as a web and social media curator, I love playing with my Polaroid camera, writing about film or listening to some Curtis Mayfield. I live and work in the True North with frequent voyages to the City — of Lights and that Never Sleeps. My motto: ‘Do the creative best you can with your life.’

TAM Hailing from the City of Saints, now living in the Kingdom, I am designer, producer and self-appointed “colour connoisseur”. It is no secret that I like moving images, love new media, adore typography and design. By my own admission, I amuse myself with curiosity, take mental vacations in imagination, delve in difference, crave stimulation and eagerly indulge in the unknown. You can often find me on sporadic excursions to the 11223 and Island Hopping. Live beautifully.



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