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It was last year that we first heard of Soraya Sone’s work and we immediately knew we wanted to feature her here. An ambitious young woman whose past experience includes a stint at one of London’s top catering and event production houses, Soraya is now back in Cameroon where she’s taking the event planning scene by storm. Weddings, private and corporate events Soraya and her team at the LUXE Group do it all, with an extra je-ne-sais-quoi!

Our conversation went like this…

Tell us a little about yourself, who is Soraya Sone?
Who am I? good question. I never get to answer this. I love events and the world of entertaining. I believe I was born to do what I am doing now. Design beautiful events. The Events and the Food & Drink industry have been my unparalleled passion for years and my love for this sector has pushed me to turn, what started as a personal interest, into my own business in my home country, Cameroon. I believe I am a good leader and team builder and these are two qualities I pride myself on as they are the backbone of our industry. My never-ending interest in how the industry develops, constantly motivates and inspires me.

Growing up what did you want to be?
I knew I wanted to wear fashionable suits à la Donatella Versace. So I guess I’ve always dreamt of being a boss!



How was the idea of The LUXE Group born?
After working for one of the best event Agencies in London, Urban Caprice, I developed a passion for beautiful events and one day I thought why not? Let me take a chance and start something.

What are for you the 3 key ingredients for a successful event?
Planning- be meticulous, execution with finesse and professionalism and finally create moments that your clients will never be able to forget.


How would you define your personal style? What’s your philosophy or motto?
My personal style is modern and edgy, tough meets glamorous and my signature, burgundy lipstick which I adore. My design philosophy? Elegant, efficient and sophisticated. My life philosophy, “work as though you were working for the Lord and not for human beings” that way I know I’m always striving to give the best of myself.

Who and what inspire you?
I love beautiful things, from interiors to art installations, food styling to pop culture. Before I start a project, I spend a lot of time searching for inspiration on Pinterest. I think it really sums up everything for me. It’s my little black book. But above all, walk with your eyes and your heart open and you will see inspiration in everything.


What’s next for you?
Take over Africa! Ha! More growth for the LUXE brand of course, stay tuned to what we do next.

Last but not least, what’s playing on your ITunes these days?
Hello World by Kid Ink

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  1. I love the interview…and Soraya’s work!! Add to my blogroll..


  2. I absolutely love and admire Soraya’s philosophy: work as though you were working for the Lord and not for human beings. Words to live by.

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