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A full-time mom and entrepreneur, Jodie Patterson is always on the go. This New York native who co-founded Doobop, a beauty hub for brown and black beauties took some to chat with us about herself, her companies and her personal style.

Who is Jodie Patterson?
I’m a mom of five unique, strong-willed kids, an entrepreneur, a loudmouth and a woman who doesn’t take no for an answer. I launched two beauty companies Georgia by Jodie Patterson is my natural skin and hair care line and Doobop is a beauty site that focuses on global beauty (trends, product and people from all over the world). I’m also a co-owner of Joe’s Pub, a live performance space in downtown NYC and an ex-circus acrobat!

Growing up, what did you want to be?
When I was young, I thought I wanted to be a mom and a teacher. In high school I thought I wanted to be a executive in a tall office building wearing a fancy Donna Karan suit (I wasn’t sure of the exact profession). After college I wanted to be a book editor (and I was for about 2 years!) I never really had a set plan…I just kept staying curious.

How would you define your personal style? What’s your philosophy or motto?
My style is TransStyle where I blend eras, styles, moods, colors into one distinct look. Most important is function – it has to work for me while I travel the city and move from place to place. And of course form, I always like to show shape and skin. For accessories I LOVE gold.

Who / what inspires you?
I find inspiration almost anywhere. These days I’m mostly into people and portraits, pop music lyrics and home decor magazines and sites.

How was the idea of Doobop born?
We wanted to do something that disrupted the idea that beauty has a prototype. Actually beauty comes from emotion and is purely individualized. We just wanted to show beauty in real time and the way we see it in the streets of NYC and throughout the world. Just ride the A train to get a good slice of life…the world is very brown and very diverse! But really, beauty is unique – that’s what’s exciting to us. We also wanted to help share beauty trends cross culturally. No matter where a trend originates, it has value to us all. Just like music, art, fashion, food – individual beauty ideas should be shared amongst diverse people. Doobop is about Global beauty!

What are your biggest accomplishments or proudest moments?
Ummmm, birthing my kids single-handedly – no doubt. After that everything’s a piece of cake. I love what we’ve started at Doobop. The conversation around beauty is very different from when our moms were talking about it. Doobop has been instrumental in that and I’m super proud.

What was the last book you read?
I read 3-5 books at a time:
Thrive, by Arianna Huffington
How Children Succeed, by Paul Tough
Radical Forgiveness, by Colin Tipping
Coming Around, by Anne Dohrenwend

What’s next for you and DooBop?
Tomorrow, I’m positive I’ll wake up and kiss my kids, work on something I love and fall asleep peaceful. Not quite sure of anything else just yet! Maybe a new product launch at some point, shhhhh.

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  1. I love this interview. You can feel the passion in what she does. Very inspiring..I am already on Doobop;)


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