Brazilian Hipanema Bonnie Bracelet


Ohhh.., just added to the top of our wishlist of things we want this 2016, just because: the Hipanema Bonnie Bracelet.

The setting: Rio, Brazil. Followed by a chance meetup of two Parisian girls. Take your legendary Copacabana bracelet and remix it. The result: Brazilian Hipanema Bonnie Bracelet.

It’s bohemian meets Brazil with the perfect melange of materials, vibrant colours and textures. Ingredients include, but are not limited to, seashells, quartz, ribbons and pearls.

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Young-at-heart girls loving life and all things polka-dotted, letter-pressed and monogrammed. Ultimately, we just enjoy what we do and like producing and showcasing compelling, thought-provoking and delightful œuvres.

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