TAM+SAM is a lifestyle hub with a global readership that was born in 2008. Written and curated by Tamisha and Samantha, it is as much for dreamers as it is for doers in search of uncommon threads and curious quirks. This blog is also a medley and pastiche of stylish musings from everyday life that always focuses on fresh talent, original minds, designers and creators as seen in our Easy Conversation interviews.

2011 was quite the year for TAM+SAM as we received more press coverage both off- and on- line (Loulou Magazine, Fly Girl, Jeans & Stilettos…), collaborated with some awesomely creative and inspiring individuals… and celebrated our 3rd anniversary!

In 2012 we joined Digital Girls Club, an online network for forward thinking women taking the digital space by storm. And we’re looking forward to tackle new exciting creative projects in the months and years to come.

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